Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When will my order be shipped?

Answer : Since all our orders are personalized, they are shipped within an average of 2 and a maximum of 7 business days.

Question: Are all the jewelry in stock?

Answer : Since we produce our products individually, the products are not readily available. However, all materials such as precious stones of the products are readily available in our inventory.

Question: What are the processes after returning the jewelry I purchased from the website? When will the fee for the jewelery I returned be credited to my account?

Answer : Although the legal period is 14 days after the return of the jewelery you purchased reaches our center, your return process is usually completed within 1-2 business days. Whichever method you ordered, it will be returned using the same method. It takes between 1-3 business days for banks to make the refund amounts visible in your accounts.

Question: I don't know the size of the ring I want to buy, what should I do?

Answer : You can find out your ring size from our ring size chart page. If you are not sure about the size of the ring you want to buy, you can choose any size and write "I do not know the size" in the notes section. After the ring comes to you  You can find out your measurement and send it to us via pre-paid cargo and request that it be brought to the size you want, free of charge.

Question: I did not like the color of the product I ordered when I received it, what should I do?

Answer : After you receive your order , we offer the opportunity to change the color free of charge for any product whose color you do not like. You can request it to be replaced with the color you want, free of charge, by sending it to us via pre-paid cargo.

Question: Can you make custom designs?

Answer : All our products are produced with personalized hand workmanship. For this reason, we can make any changes and special designs you want on our products.

Question: Are the stones on your jewelry real diamonds?

Answer : Our products are produced using gold and natural diamonds. Additionally, all of them are sent with a certificate.

Question: Can I pay at the door?

Answer : Since cargo companies do not provide payment at the door service in the jewelry industry, unfortunately, there is no payment at the door option for orders to be delivered.

Question: I do not use a credit card, how can I make the payment?

Answer : If you do not use a card, you can make your payment by money order or EFT.

Question: The stone of my product fell off, what should I do?

Answer : Our products are under warranty against damage such as falling stones. You can send us the damaged products with insured cargo free of charge. After the repairs are completed, it is sent back to you free of charge.

Question: I want to exchange the product I received as a gift, what should I do?

Answer : You can replace your product with the product you want at the same price without any fee by sending it to us by cargo along with its certificate and box.