How many carats looks like on the finger?

One of the most undecided issues when choosing a Solitaire Diamond is how many carats the Solitaire ring looks on the finger.


Diamonds with unique beauty integrate and become perfect with the person who wears them. For this reason, the harmony between the stone and finger sizes is very important in order for the diamond that we like or prefer to look beautiful. The selection of diamonds; It is a difficult choice because of its size, shape or placement.

Knowing the effects of measures such as cut, carat and color can make this choice easier for you.


Finger Size
Before choosing the ring, you will need to know your finger size well and make your choice according to your finger size. If your fingers are not short or long enough, it would be better to choose elongated, emerald or oval cut stones. Thus, these stone preferences help your fingers look longer and attractive. On the other hand, if your fingers are long, choosing round cut and high carat stones will be a better choice.

Band width

A thinner bandwidth makes the stone cut appear larger on the finger. This is because a more elegant band draws all the attention to the diamond or gemstone on it. A thicker band width will make the large stone cut appear smaller.

Another factor to consider when choosing a band is the size of your finger. Band selections with a wider angle may result in a coarser appearance on the little finger. It is important that you make your choice with this in mind.

Diamond Size - Carat

If you have decided to buy a diamond, there are a few points you should know about the carat size you should choose. First of all, the carat size you prefer should be equivalent to your budget, finger width and mounting shape. If you are undecided on your budget, we can give you the following information; The thinner and smaller the finger on which the diamond ring will be worn, the larger the diamond on it will appear. If the finger on which you will wear the diamond ring is thick and full, it would be best to choose larger carat sizes.

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parmağımda kaç karat nasıl duruyor diye merak ediyordum teşekkürler vintage yüzük alacağım yada 0.50 karat oval tektaş pırlanta alacağım


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